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Wedding Hair, Do Care

Wedding Hair, Do Care

Whether you’re getting married this summer (congratulations!), or have the honor of being part of the wedding party, we have scoured the internet to find classic up do’s, to alternative down do’s and we know how big of a decision it can be! #WeddingHairDOcare! #BigDayHairDay So if you’re trying to decide between up or down, sleek, or volumized, rest assured there is a style to fit the traditional bride to the alternative betrothed. While we have noticed bridal trends like embracing natural texture (natural waves, curls from your Momma, or embracing your sleek straight locks), we recognize a major component to saying I DO to your wedding hair is how it represents your personality and completes your unique bridal look. With wedding hair styles for long hair you can really unleash your hair fantasy and adopt intricate braids, modern sleekness, and vintage glossy waves. With length your imagination is really your only limitation, but don’t worry we have some AMAZING ideas for pixies too!

The Gibson Roll/Tuck

Wedding hair ideas: Gibson Roll

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The Gibson roll is one our favourite classics that can be re-vamped to modern alternative with the inclusion of a boho inspired floral crown. The classic rolling up of your hair from the nape of your neck can be performed tight, traditional, and polished, or soft, loose, and romantic. Want to try this style before you hit the salon? Begin twisting the hair on our side of your head over itself, continuously grabbing more hair from underneath and pulling it out and over until you get just past your ear. Repeat on the other side of your head, then combine the two twists into a low ponytail at the back of your head. Work your fingers right down the middle of your ponytail, from the middle of your head right down into the middle of your ponytail. Don’t go all the way through! You’re merely making a little ‘pouch’ or ‘hammock’ for the rest of your hair to sit in, or a perfect spot for floral accessories. Bunch your hair up in your hand and tuck up and inside the little pouch you just made from your ponytail! Proceed to pin it in place a half dozen times or so until secure. Set with medium hold hairspray.

The French Twist

Wedding hair ideas: French Twist

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No longer reserved as a classic office style staple, the French twist has come a long way from a perfectly polished coif. If you are craving something more alternative adding texture to your tresses prior to twisting may be the cure. Want to try this style prior to the salon? Using your non dominant hand, sweep hair off to that side, justly slightly off center. With your other hand slip in a bobby pin vertically, up from the bottom (nape of your neck). Working from the bottom up, insert a row of bobby pins, crisscrossing them to secure the hair. Finish by pushing in the last one downward. Gather your hair in one hand and twist slightly while pulling up. Insert bobby pins horizontally into the base of the twist, intersecting with the vertical pins to hold your style. For a polished look tuck the ends, or for a modern feel, arrange the ends, letting them fall freely. Set with a medium hold hairspray.

Romantic Curls and Waves

Wedding hair ideas: romantic waves and curls

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A wedding classic, the down do is at all time high in hair trends. Have you found the hair accessory of all accessories and want to go with a simplistic style that will highlight it? Soft curls or waves may the perfect match (second to your groom) for you! While there are numerous techniques that can be used to curl hair, we are sharing one of our favourites. Turn on the curling iron and heat it to 320 degrees for fine hair and 430 degrees for thicker hair. Experiment to find the right temperature for you. It’s best to go with the lowest temperature that does the job paired with heat care products. This is going to damage your hair less. Separate your hair into sections. Sections should be about 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) wide and there should be about three-four sections from the bottom to the crown of your head. Separate the sections using clips so that the only hair hanging has either been curled already or is the next section of hair that is going to be curled. Once a curl is complete, quickly pin it up. Grabbing the bottom of the curl, compact the curl to create a perfect curl. Use a bobby pin or a similar hair clip to fasten the circle of hair to your head.

Now it wouldn’t be a Plan B HQ post without a quick homage to alternative styles we are dying to see Kelowna brides adopt! We want to know if you are a brave enough bride to pair these haute couture styles, or vintage inspired beauts to help you walk down the aisle?

Wedding hair ideas: haute couture styles

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At Plan B we are committed to providing you exceptional event hair that considers not only the dress, but your personality too. Shine like the bride you are, we would be honored to style your most important hair style. Call to schedule your trial wedding hair appointment at (250) 717-7526.

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