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Meet Tristan Desharnais: Feature Barber

Meet Tristan Desharnais: Feature Barber

“How long have you been in the industry?”

I’ve been getting my hair cut at Plan B since I was 12. Then one day, they offered me an apprenticeship. Since completing my apprenticeship with Plan B, I’ve been on the shop floor as a barber rocking out and loving it!

“Why did you choose to become a stylist/barber?”

Before Plan B, I was a labourer. I’ve always been a hands on guy, but after a few years I was looking for a change. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do when the opportunity at Plan B came up. I instantly jumped at it and it has turned out to be the perfect fit. I really love what I do every day.

“What techniques do you specialize in?”

I enjoy perfecting textured cuts and creating messy styles.

“Describe your personal style.”

Not too sure. I really like clothes to be honest. I’m a bit of a clothes horse; I love style and fashion.

“Tell us about your worst personal haircut/hair day.”

Once I got a pretty crappy haircut because I went to some random barber shop and we didn’t really communicate well. I like to keep my hair a bit long long on top, but he buzzed some of the length and made it look like I had a mohawk. It was pretty bad.

“If you could be any Hollywood movie character, who would it be and why?”

Hmmm… I always thought the Hulk was pretty badass. I think being indestructibly strong would be awesome.

“If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 albums with you, what would they be?”

I’d take albums by Chance the Rapper, Aziz Gibson, and Jazz Cartier for some hype. That would cover all the bases.

“If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 movies with you, what would they be?”

I’m big into horror, so I’d take Annabelle. I’d also take the Lord of the Rings because it’s one of my favourites, and Get Hard because it’s hilarious.

“What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

I don’t think I’ve had anything too embarassing. One time in elementary school I was trying to show off for some girls by doing a flip off the monkey bars, and my pants fell down. It was pretty embarrassing at the time.

“We’re not trying to pick you up…but what’s your astrology sign?”

My astrology sign is Cancer. I can relate to some things here and there, but I feel like it’s pretty general so anyone could relate.

“Do you have any nicknames?”

I’ve had so many, some are pretty bad. Casey H used to call me “macaroni penguin” because of my hair. Mostly T-dog or T is what I get.

“What’s one product you simply cannot live without?”

I can’t live without “Layrite Cement”. It’s a matte finish texture paste that has a really strong and lasting hold.

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