Tim Davenport

I’ve got a unique sense of humor…


Nickname: T-Bone
Personal Style: Real & down to earth
Favourite Product: Evo Crop Strutters construction cream

I began my career 5 years ago when I started as an apprentice. I joined Plan B 7 months after it opened. I apprenticed under owner Casey Donovan where I learned classic barber techniques as well as modern salon cut and styling.

Since then I have really developed my skills and am now able to provide a range of services to my clients including classic 50’s fades, modern cuts, mullets, mo-hawks, faux-hawks, kids cuts, and straight razor shaves just to name a few.

I am also the General Manager for the shop and oversee the day to day operations. Overall, I’m an easy going and sociable person so I love chatting with people when they are in my chair.

Some might call me a geek, but really if I could be like anyone it would be Han Solo, no explanation required.

Plan B Hair Co. Kelowna Hair Salon and Barbershop Team - Tim Davenport