Haley Thompson

“I was basically born with a pair of scissors in my hands”

Nickname: Hails and Quaily – I’ve had that one forever and I don’t even know why
Personal Style: Casual, maybe a little bohemian and eclectic some days
Favourite Product: Layrite super shine and Layrite matte pomades

I was basically born with a pair of scissors in my hands! I was always tinkering and playing with hair; I have a very vivid memory of when I was about 5 or 6 and I would line up all my teddy bears and give them hair cuts. I would cut my hair and my brothers hair (my mom would freak) and as I got older I would colour my hair myself all the time. It just came so naturally to me. When I was working as a receptionist my aunt told me I really needed to take advantage of my natural talent. That’s what convinced me to make a career of it.

Since re-focusing my skills on barbering I have been doing men’s hair exclusively. I like a challenge, like when someone with really long hair comes in and says “Do whatever you want”. As much as women love a good makeover, men do too and are under appreciated in that area I think. I love doing an extreme makeover on a guy and giving him a whole new look.

I love doing fades, traditional comb over styles, all practicing all kinds of cutting techniques.

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