Tim Davenport

General Manager/Barber

Tim Davenport Bio | Plan B Kelowna Barbershop

I began my career when I started as an apprentice. Since then I have really developed my skills and I love the team culture we have created here in the shop.

Tanna Yarschenko


Plan B Kelowna Hair Salon Barbershop | Receptionist Tanna Yarschenko

I’ve actually been in the beauty industry since I was 18. I’ve worked for a variety of salons over the years and through this I discovered a love for the industry.

Madysen Salway


barber Madysen Salway Bio | Plan B Kelowna Barbershop

I love doing men’s hair because a lot of guys are really open to change so we can have fun cutting long hair to short or changing up a look.

Brian Hayes


Kelowna Barber | Brian Hayes | Plan B

I always thought barbershops were cool. Working with my hands, needing to be precise and paying attention to detail is something I’ve been doing my whole life.

Tristan Desharnais


Plan B Kelowna Hair Salon Barbershop | Barber Tristan Desharnais

Since completing my apprenticeship with Plan B, I’ve been on the shop floor as a barber rocking out and loving it!