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Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

Plan-B-Kelowna-Barbershop-barber-tool-kitAre you a man? Do you need a haircut? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’re our target audience!

Whatever haircut you’re looking for, whether it’s the slick back, the side part, the pompadour, the executive contour, bed head, tapered, crew-cut, or the good ole ‘short back and sides’, we’ve got you covered. Simply put, here at Plan B we’re a cut above the rest. (Yeah, you’re right, that was a sh*t pun. No more, I swear. Please don’t stop reading.)

Here at Plan B we are proud to offer a wide range of men’s barber services – signature cut, head shave, hair tattoo, colour camo, permanent men’s colour, highlights, and straight shave. Our men’s signature cut includes a shampoo, steam towel, cut and style, neck shave and a complimentary touch up within 1 week if required. As for a shave, give your electric razor a break and venture back into the days of old by experiencing our straight shave (also known as a hot shave). It’s time to get modern and go old school. A traditional straight shave with hot towels and face massage is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience. We use specially designed open razors with a new blade for each shave to ensure that hygiene and comfort are assured. It’s perfectly safe, and afterwards your chin will never have felt so smooth.

Style matters, and at Plan B tailoring each haircut to your unique image and style is an integral part of the service we provide. And when you’re in the chair, don’t be shy, talk to your barber. Be specific. Say stuff like ‘half an inch off the top’ or ‘tapered on the sides’. If there’s a term you don’t understand, ask your barber. They’ll be happy to help. If you don’t know the specifics, ask the barber to explain to you some options, or show the barber a picture of what you want your hair to look like. Never fear. If you’re not sure on a style then we are here to advise you on that, as well as give you pointers on how to maintain your own particular look and style.

Once you’ve picked a look it’s then time to wax those strands. As for the slick back, the pompadour, the executive contour, the side part, they are all making a spectacular comeback, but they all require product to work. So let’s talk about some of the awesome in-store products we have to offer.

Go for that sleek, classic look with the top-notch fine grooming products of Layrite Deluxe Pomade. It holds like wax and washes out like gel. So lay it down right with Layrite. (Ok, so I said I was done with the sh*t puns, but I just couldn’t help myself.) Please click this link to learn more about our Layrite fine grooming products.

Another pomade product on our A-list is Reuzel. In the words of its maker: ‘Reuzel pomade rinses out easily but holds hair like super glue and shines like a fresh coat of paint on your favourite vintage car.’ Please click the link to learn more about how to keep your hair in style with Reuzel.

So if you’re needing a haircut or feeling a style change, go straight to Plan B.

See some of our classic men’s haircuts:

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