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Return of the Barbershop

Return of the Barbershop

A man’s world…

Plan B Barbershop Kelowna | Our original barber chairsFrom the late 1800s right up until the late 1960s, the barber shop was the place to go for men. The smell of tobacco, pomades, powders, oils and tonics would waft out the front door onto the street inviting passersby to come in for a quick trim or shave. It was a gathering place & a weekly routine for every gent in town. It was a place where, with a stiff drink and a paper to read while he waited, a man could get a respite from the world outside; his troubles melting the moment he stepped inside.

Barber shops were often luxuriously decked out with marble bench tops and barber chairs carved from wood and finished with fine leather. The spaces were packed signs and memorabilia that added to the masculine experience of the clientele. The decline of the barber shop kicked off in the early 1900s with the invention of the Gillette safety razor, and seemed to completely die off by the 1970’s leaving men to wander aimlessly between discount franchises and swanky salons…


The Barber makes a comeback!

Thankfully, the traditional barbershop has seen a serious re-imagining and resurgence in recent years. Old-school inspired Barbershops with highly skilled barbers have been making a comeback resulting in better looking, better smelling, better coiffed young men. Trends in men’s haircuts – particularly the pompadour and vintage ‘high and tight’ styles – favor the barbershop, where these styles originated in the 1920’s through to the 1950’s. In fact ‘vintage’ styles and techniques require the skill of a barber, a proper fade is something that is mastered over many years and coveted by those in the know.

Plan B Barbershop Kelowna | The Return of the Barbershop - Vintage men's hairstyles

Thanks to Mad Men (and hipsters) the Barbershop has made a triumphant return. Plan B Headquaters has always been a Barbershop at heart, we were one of the first to serve cold beers to our clients in a laid back atmosphere. Things have changed a bit over the years but we’re excited to say we’re returning to our roots. What does that mean you ask? Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out 😉

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