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Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts: 2017 Trends

Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts: 2017 Trends

Men of Kelowna, it’s time to update your hair!

No longer can you get away with the same hairstyle for another decade. Plan B is speaking out to you on behalf of your future partner, your long-standing coworkers, and that guy you kind of know with great style. We are putting an end to the cycle – or at least trying to, so hear us out!

As a rule of thumb, you should be replacing your underwear once a year… but we know the majority of you keep them for way too long! Let’s not do the same with your hair. With a variety of trending men’s hairstyles and haircuts, we’re confident that out barbers can take your basic or outdated do and transform you into a man of 2017.

Plan B Barbershop | 2017 Trends in men's hair | The undercutThe Undercut

The Undercut is a popular men’s hairstyle for 2017 for all the right reasons. It works well for curly, straight or wavy hair types, and has endless variations to suit your personal style. The look is short on the sides with the top left longer. Many celebrities are sporting a variation of the undercut, and you’ll also notice its presence in the fashion industry.

The classic undercut is the perfect starting point for someone looking to update their hair. It’s not too extreme and is simple to style and maintain. For a bolder someone, a slicked back, side swept, or disconnected undercut may be right for you. Other variations include a long undercut, leaving the top hair drastically longer than the rest, or a pompadour style, high and slick channelling the 1950s. Whether your bold or conservative, there’s an undercut style that will match your personality and update you to 2017!

Plan B Barbershop | 2017 Trends in men's hair | Texture on Top

Texture on Top

Trending for 2017 is keeping the focus up top with lots of texture and shorter sides – but not necessarily as short and refined as the undercut. ‘Texture on Top’ comes in many varieties but all embrace longer, textured styles on top. This style works well for men with thicker hair and have less of a refined style.

Plan B Barbershop | 2017 Trends in men's hair | Short fadeSuper Short with Fades

Short styles with unique fades get us barbers excited! These haircuts are carrying strong into 2017 and are an easy way to change up your look. Whether you prefer short all over or leaving a bit of spikey or swept hair on top, we can make it happen. Try a fade by your temples with the hair picking up again for a well-kept beard or maybe a cool design buzzed right into the side. You can even go for the 90’s throwback short and spikey look – minus the frosted tips of course! (Be careful with this do as it can look boring if not done by an experienced hairstylist or barber, like ours at Plan B).

Plan B Barbershop | 2017 Trends in men's hair | long and messy

Long and Intentionally Messy

We ask that you please consult a barber or hairstylist at Plan B for mastering this style, as opposed to just “letting it happen”. The longer men’s hairstyles that are trending for 2017 have a maintained voluminous rocker vibe, and definitely require the use of product to perfect. This haircut comes in a variety of lengths and layers and can be a great way to communicate your personal style. Although it may not be to everyone’s personal taste, a man that can pull it off right – we’ll help you out with that! – and with confidence is going to be quite the hit the edgy bad-boy loving ladies!!

Whatever your preference, style, face shape, or age, more likely than not it’s time to update your look. Book an appointment at Plan B and our barbers we’ll have you looking like you belong in 2017! 😉 250.717.7526

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