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Lazy Hair Hacks for Bad Hair Days

Lazy Hair Hacks for Bad Hair Days

Everyone, as least once, has suffered from a #HairHangover. What is a hair hangover you might ask? Let us paint a picture for you… Last night you went out and had what was undeniably the best night of your life. You probably had one too many shots, got crazy with karaoke and definitely didn’t care to brush your hair before passing out in bed. You woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror and what do you see? It wasn’t very pretty, was it? That right there, friends, is what we call a hair hangover! It’s the moment you go to get ready and discover your luscious locks have become a greasy, tangled mess. But you’re in luck because we’ve created the holy grail of lazy hair day guides; which means no more walk of shame or bad hair days for you.

1. Bow Down to Dry Shampoo

If any hair care product deserves worship, it would be dry shampoo. The number of times that we have saved ourselves from grease-town by using dry shampoo is insane. And if you’re looking for a tip on how to use this product like a pro, here’s one for you:

Apply your dry shampoo at night and massage it in. You’ll allow the product to work its way into the strands, so that come the next morning, all you have to do is brush it out for it to be super voluminous and “clean”.

2. Hats and Headbands are Your Friends

Any hair stylist that has suffered from a bad hair day will tell you that the lazy way out is to throw on a hat or headband, and run out the door! These accessories are great for days when nothing is going right, and you still want to look stylish. Men and women both look amazing with hats (and it’s the perfect season to embrace them). As for headbands, look at wide scarves you can wrap your hair in or statement headbands that will take the attention off of your messy mane.


3. Use Your Leftover Vodka on Your Locks

You heard us, treat your hair with a dash of vodka. If dull hair is the cause of your bad hair day and you’re looking for a shine boost, a little alcohol can cure it. Since most hair care products contain a slight amount of alcohol, it’s safe for your hair (as long as you do not do it every day, otherwise you’ll dry your locks out). For a rinse, mix a tablespoon of vodka and a cup of water and pour over your hair after deep conditioning. Your hair should look clean, shiny, and more luscious.  A bonus is that you can cure your own hangover while you treat your hair hangover… Now that just brought a whole new meaning to “hair of the dog”, eh?

4. Embrace the Bun

Since both men and women seem to be experts at styling their hair into rad buns, why not take advantage of the talent? Obviously, the man bun is a classic way to get dirty hair out of a gentleman’s face, but if you don’t have enough hair you could always try those wacky “man bun clip ons” to mimic the look. As for ladies, you have countless options to style a chic bun atop your head. You can try out the messy bun, the double bun, the top knot… the ideas are endless!


5. Rely on Plan B

What better way to fix up a bad hair day than to let the professionals deal with it! If you’re someone who is less busy in the mornings, take the lazy way out and book a morning appointment with us. You’ll find it’s easier to get in, and you’ll receive undivided attention from your stylist (not to say you won’t any other time, morning are just less chaotic). And obviously… you will look ROCKING for the rest of the day.

As you can see, the easiest choice to remedy a hair hangover is to book an appointment with Plan B.

So, what are you waiting for? You have all the tools to go out there and conquer your bad hair day, start using ’em! If you’re thinking of using option number five to upgrade your hair game, book your appointment with us as soon as possible; you don’t want to miss out on starting your day off right with Plan B.

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