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Layrite: Fine Grooming Products for Men

Layrite: Fine Grooming Products for Men

Kelowna Hair Salon Plan B - Layrite styling products

The slick back, the pompadour, the executive contour, the side part… What do all these classic hair styles have in common? Besides making a resurgence and becoming incredibly popular once again, they all require a little product to make them work. There’s a lot of pomades, gels, waxes, etc. out there but not all are created equal…

Introducing Layrite Pomades – Now available at Plan B

What’s the deal with Layrite? Well they’ve developed a series of products based on their own experience with using various products to create classic, vintage barbershop style hair do’s. Some pomades are incredibly greasy, waxes can provide hold but are difficult to wash out. Layrite pomades give you the right amount of hold & shine, but they also wash out as easily. Touted as “The Deluxe Pomade That Holds Like Wax, Washes Out Like Gel” Layrite pomades actually do hold up to all the hype. We’ve been using them here at the shop and getting great results.

How to use Layrite Pomades

Styling is about working with the combination of your hair type and the right products. Most fine to medium hair types and common hair styles do well with the Layrite Classic Pomade, it’s extremely versatile and can provide all day hold with a medium shine. Corse/curly hair types and high rising styles (such a pompadours) work well with Layrite Superhold Pomade, it is nearly identical to the classic pomade but contains water-based beeswax to increase hold. Which one will work for you really depends on what you want to acheive. Here’s a great video highlighting how to choose the right pomade (of course you can always ask your stylist next time you’re in their chair and they’ll help you out).

Layrite has some great step by step styling instructions on their website, which is nice since we all know it’s one thing to sit in the chair and have the professionals create your style and another to recreate it yourself when you get home.

Clearly, we love the vintage look that’s back in style for all the gents, just have a look at some of the finished styles that have been coming out out of the shop lately:

So if you’re looking for the right product for your style, come on down to Plan B and pick up some Layrite. If you’re in need of a new look, book an appointment with one of our Barbers and come out looking like a new man. Maybe a Don Draper-esque makeover will help you out with the ladies… just sayin’.

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