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How to Find the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape: Kelowna Hair Salon Advice

How to Find the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape: Kelowna Hair Salon Advice

Have you ever taken a photo of your favourite celebrity haircut to your Kelowna hair salon, only to wonder why those bangs, or that pixie cut doesn’t look quite the same on you?  

While we think you should wear whatever hairstyle you want, whenever you want, knowing your face shape can help you choose haircuts you’ll be happy with. Keep reading for a few tips to determine the best hair style for your face shape. 

Kelowna Hairdresser Advice: How to Find Your Face Shape 

Before deciding on which hairstyle suits you, the first place to start is determining your face shape.  

The first step is to determine the widest part of your face.  

  • Is it your forehead? You may have an oval shaped face, especially if the width of your face tapers towards the chin.  
  • Is it your cheekbones? If so, and the length and width of your face are very similar, you likely have a round face shape. 
  • Is it your jaw? If your jaw is the widest part of your face, you likely have a square face shape. When measured, a square face shape’s forehead, cheeks and jawline are all very similar in width.  

The second step is to determine the shape of your jaw.  

  • Round: Round shaped faces usually have softer, round shaped jaws. However, if the length of your face is noticeably longer than your face is wide, you likely have an oval shaped face. 
  • Square: If you have a strong jawline, but not a pointy chin, you likely have a square face.  
  • Pointed: Face shapes that taper toward the chin, with a more pointed jawline are usually heart shaped.  

Kelowna Hair Salon Suggestions for a Round Face Shape 

Round faces are almost the same width and length, with no prominent angles. Round faces have a youthful, glowing appearance and may look best with a side part, so the eye has something to follow. If you’re looking for a short haircut, round faces can look great with short bobs or even pixie cuts. If your’re looking for a longer style, barely-there layers that hit at the jawline can flatter your face shape.  

kelowna Hair salon explains face shape

Kelowna Hair Salon Suggestions for a Oval Face Shape 

If your face follows a lot of the round characteristics, but is noticeably longer than wide, you likely have an oval face shape. If you have an oval face shape, you have one of the most versatile for hairstyles. We encourage you to take a risk with your hair! Try a pixie cut, add some layers, or take a risk with bangs. Our Kelowna hairstylists recommend choosing hairstyles that keep the hair out of your face to show off your best features. Slicked back looks or high knots are easy since you won’t have to worry about softening certain features. 

Kelowna Hair Salon Suggestions for a Heart Face Shape 

The heart face shape is wider at the forehead and tapers down into a small, narrow, slightly pointed chin. Many heart-shaped faces have beautiful, high cheekbones. Hairstyles that either accentuate your face shape or make the bottom half of your face look wider can be most flattering. High top knots, deep side parts, and loose curls can show off the elegant and feminine heart face shape. Cutting your hair around shoulder length to add volume at the bottom can create the illusion of a wider jawline.  

kelowna Hair salon explains face shape 2

Kelowna Hair Salon Suggestions for a Square Face Shape 

Square faces are usually quite wide, with the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline almost all the same width. Square faces usually photograph well, showing the strong jawlines and prominent features. When choosing a hairstyle, you can either accentuate the shape of your face, or choose a hairstyle that softens your jawline. Blunt bangs and short bobs can show off your jawline, while soft, wispy side bangs can soften your jawline.  

Do What You Want With Your Hair!

Ultimately, we think you should wear your hair how you want, and how it makes you feel good! Next time you stop by PlanB hair salon and baber shop, make sure to ask your hair stylist about your face shape, and what cut will look the best. We’d be happy to help!  

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