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Top 5 Hottest Tools for Your Hair

Top 5 Hottest Tools for Your Hair

We all wish we had perfect hair, but let’s be real. #Hairgoals take a bit of behind the scenes magic. Plan B is always on the hunt for the latest hair tricks and trends to help you look your best. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Hottest Tools for Your Hair. You’ll be turning heads all over Kelowna with these tools, and everyone will want to know what hair salon you just walked out of! Check out these 5 hair tools that’ll give you perfect hair salon styles right from home.

  1. Hair Dryers
  2. Hair Steamers
  3. Flat Irons
  4. Hot Rollers
  5. Curling Irons

Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are basically glued to our hands at Plan B. The right hair dryer can give you an at home blow out. You’ll look like you just came from the hair salon!

Finding the right hair dryer, and complementary tools  can make all the difference, and there are hair dryers for every type of hair. You’ll feel like a Plan B stylist in no time with these tricks up your sleeve.

Not sure what works best for your hair type? Read Elle’s blog on the Best Hair Dryers For Every Type of Hair.

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Hair Steamer

Hair steamers have recently gained a lot of popularity, and for good reason! Anyone with natural hair is in love with this godsent invention. Hair steamers are the perfect solution for deep condition treatments because they produce moisture and heat that lifts cuticles and allows conditioner ingredients to absorb quickly. The moisture protects curly strands from breakage, damage and dryness.

For the best results, use your hair steamer before shampooing; it’ll leave your hair soft and it’ll improve the shape of natural curls.

There are three different types of hair steamers; tabletop steamers, handheld steamers, and steamer caps. As with all hair tools, each has their own set of pros and cons. But the bottom line? Hair steamers alike are definitely worth a try!

For more details on the different types; read Ebony’s blog about Hair Steamers Every Natural Girl Should Try.

Hot Hair Rollers

Hot rollers have made a mad comeback over the past few years. They’ve come a long from the uncomfortable spools our mothers’ and grandmothers’ wore in their hair to bed.

Luckily we can get the look we want without sacrificing our comfort and sleep. There’s tons to choose from, and the styles are endless! There’s flex rods for ringlets, or ribbon curlers for corkscrew curls, or jumbo hot rollers for loose waves.

Whatever your ideal hairstyle, read Allure’s Best Hair Rollers to find the right fit.

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Flat Hair Iron

Whoever invented flat irons deserves the equivalent to an Oscar in the world of hair. Remember the days when you asked your friends to flatten your hair with an iron on your mom’s ironing board? Can we get an amen for flat irons? They’ve taken #hairgoals to a whole new level.

Flat irons can give you smooth, frizz-free, and perfectly straight hair, silky curls, or glossy beach waves. The versatility of flat irons is just one of the many reasons Plan B stylists are in love!

For a complete list of the Best Flat Irons for Healthy Hair, take a look at Allure’s blog.

Curling Iron

Curling irons have been a staple of hair products and hair salons for decades. They’re easy to use, they’re time efficient, and they have a wide variety of barrel sizes. You can quickly achieve whatever curl size and type you’re going for with the right curling iron.

Tech-wise, there are a handful of new curling irons that use volcanic rock for smoother hair, and a more evenly heated barrel.

Want hair salon styles at home? Find the Best Curling Iron For Your HairAt the end of the day, great hair requires proper care and upkeep, which means regular hair cuts at a trusted hair salon.

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If you’ve got dead ends, there’s only so much great tools and products can do for your hair. Make an appointment with Kelowna’s Plan B stylists today.