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Head Back to School in Style

Head Back to School in Style

There are certain indisputable facts of life. The earth revolves around the sun. No one lives forever. And hairstyle trends change. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you (with the last statement that is). We know you’re unique. We know you’re special. And we know you want a hairstyle that helps you stand out from the crowd and makes your friends jealous. You want something that’s sharp and stylish, trendy but not too over the top. You want to fit in and stand out. Ironic, yes. But that’s hairstyle trends for you. We’re always on the lookout for new and upcoming hair trends. From celebrities to models to actors to John and Jane Doe, we have insightful ideas of what kind of haircut people are moving towards. Below we list this fall’s hottest trends for women and men.


Kelowna Hair Salon Plan B - Short pixie hairstyleYou’re changing your wardrobe, so why not change your hairstyle? Fall is the perfect time for a fresh new look. The pixie look is still very much in vogue. We love the short hair with the sides shaved, and for fall we recommend a more grown-up adult-style chop and side-swept bangs to accentuate those beautiful facial features. Let your bangs grow long for that fringe-windswept look. The long blunt cut of the summer will be shortened for the fall, and the modern bob works best with the side part and straightened locks. Grow your hair longer for the even longer lob look. Stay beach-y and keep flaunting those tousled look of summer mermaid waves, a style that remains one of the most popular year to year. The word ‘mullet’ doesn’t exactly exude style, but the swept-behind-the-ears look is ultra modern. Rock it with bangs forward or side-swept-swift like Taylor.

Kelowna Hair Salon Plan B - Bronde hair colourThe fall heralds the arrival of warm brown colours and rich auburn tones. We’ll see a lot of ladies warming to deep browns and darkening their blonde for that quintessential fall look. Burnt auburn is also a look that will gain in popularity. Bronde has probably been the most talked-about colour of summer, and it’s going to continue its popularity into the fall. It’s a soft blend of blonde and brunette, and it’s low-maintenance to boot! Lived-in highlights are popular and the chic new trend is towards foregoing touch-ups in favour of exposed roots and grow-out highlights. Going platinum is always a popular choice as the weather gets colder, with a softer alternative being the sweet, more coquettish pixie pastels of the candy dip-dye to keep it colourful.





Kelowna Hair Salon Plan B - Men's fade hairtsylesKelowna Hair Salon Plan B - Hot men's hairstyles 2015



This is an exciting year for men’s hairstyle trends. The fade and the undercut are back in business and will continue to go strong in the fall. Some guys are even sporting a combination of the fade and the undercut called the under-fade. The classic look is in, but with a modern twist, such as the sharp side part or high rising pompadour. It’s old school cool: the look of the 1950s but with a 21st century flamboyant edge. Add to this the popular bald and hi lo fades and men have an eclectic mix of styles to choose from this fall. Longer hair too remains in vogue, with guys growing their hair and sporting tied back man buns, or just slicking their hair in true laid back nonchalant style.

So, ladies and gents, big shout out to you all. Stay on trend. Don’t delay. Drop by Plan B Hair Co. today to discuss your new fall hairstyle.

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