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Get the Hair to Get the Girl

Get the Hair to Get the Girl

For this article we thought we’d share a little with you from the ladies of Plan B…

Peacocks. Baboons. Lions. Flamingoes. Birds of Paradise, and Albertans all have one thing in common – they know how to get the girl they want with great displays of machismo, sometimes with a humongous truck, sometimes with brightly coloured butts, and sometimes with a great mane of hair.

Let’s leave the trucks and butts and focus on the hair.

First of all guys you should know one thing, we girls like a little variety, sometimes we like clean, preppy lines, sometimes we like a little bit of the crazy creative, and other times we like a little bit badass. And sometimes we girls get lucky and get all three in the same package.

Heh – so what if we like a change of style now and then – men are like a box of chocolates, sometimes you want a strawberry cream and other times you just need a good hard chunk of chocolate.

Still confused? Don’t worry boys, you will always be confused, but maybe we can help you find a good hairstyle so at least you’ll look good, even if you don’t know why.

Clean and Preppy


Uhuh – see what we mean? Here’s a men’s haircut that boldly states clean and preppy, while the face tells us he’s just a little bit bad-ass. This is a great cut that looks good on everyone. But be warned men, this may look great on you when your 20, 30 and 40, but if you hit 50 and you start losing your locks – don’t keep combing over or we’ll have just one thing to say to you: Trump!

Crazy and Creative


The hair tells us this guy cares more about life than looks, but it doesn’t matter cause he looks great, yeah we know this is Johnny Depp, so if you have a mug that looks like Prince Charles, stay with the clean and preppy, but on the other hand, if you look like a sexy pirate, go for it. Word of warning make sure you have hair all over your head, if it’s just hanging down the back we have some sage advice for you: CUT IT OFF.

A Little Bit Bad Ass


Oh yeah – here’s a haircut that can be perfectly tousled on a Sunday morning and easily smoothed down for Sunday lunch. This guy, like a lion, knows how to use his mane, it’s carefully coiffed for the  “I don’t give a %$#@“, attitude, but we all know he’s taken the time to look damn fine.

You see the thing is a good haircut is like a good suit, it makes everyone look better, and it’s well worth investing time and money into both. They go along way to impressing prospective employers, women, your mother, and possibly even your father.

But you know what guys, the truth is that although we like a little eye candy just like you, when it comes to getting – and keeping – the girl here’s the things we love.

We love it when men go gaga over kittens and puppies, we love to see men holding babies, we love it when men show they are driven crazy with desire for us, we love it when men cry at movies, and when we love you we don’t give a damn about your hair.

Need help getting the right look? Book your next haircut with Plan B!

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