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Festival Hairstyle Ideas from PlanB

Festival Hairstyle Ideas from PlanB

Festival season has started, which means it’s time to figure out what kind of festival hairstyle you’ll be wearing! If you’re ready to put down your flower crown and try a fresh new style that’ll last in the heat, keep reading! Our Kelowna hairstylists and barbers have compiled a few fresh looks to make sure you’re festival-ready. 

Festival Hairstyle 1: The Bubble Pony  

Festival hairstyles don’t need to be difficult to look great and beat the heat. Trending right now is the bubble pony, which can also be done as pigtails. To get this look, we recommend the following steps:  

  1. Prep your hair with mist or dry shampoo to give your hair the texture it’ll need to hold all day 
  2. Tease your roots for volume  
  3. Secure the teased section with a hair tie  
  4. Cover your hair tie with a section of hair and secure with hairspray 
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 as many times as you’ like down your head 
  6. Pull a few pieces out to frame your face 
  7. Add accessories 
  8. Voila! 

Festival Hairstyle 2: Space Buns 

If you’re looking for a festival hair updo to help you keep your hair completely off your face, try styling your hair in space buns! This can be done with all your hair or just the front section. To get this look, we recommend the following steps:  

  1. Section off your hair into two ponytails at the front of your head near the crown 
  2. Tie each ponytail into knots for a more effortless looking bun 
  3. Add accessories 

Festival Hairstyle 3: Boho Waves 

If you’re willing to leave your locks down and brave the heat, we recommend boho waves. This festival hairstyle can be personalized depending on what type of festival accessories you add! To achieve this look, we recommend the following steps: 

  1. Section your hair into large chunks  
  2. Use a large flat iron to create a natural wave by rotating the iron back and forth in opposite directions 
  3. Spritz your hair with a full-hold hairspray to ensure it lasts all day long 
  4. Add feathers, flowers or any other festival accessories to complete your look! 

Festival Hairstyle 4: Infinity Braids + Half Bun

For an effortless festival hairstyle, try this half updo that’ll last all day long. To get this look, we recommend following these steps:  

  1. Follow steps 1-3 for boho waves (listed above!)  
  2. Pull a section of your hair, near the crown, into a messy bun 
  3. Pull out a few sections and add in a few infinity braids 
  4. Add clips or accessories to the braids to help them stand out 

Festival Hair at PlanB: Kelowna’s Favourite Hair Salon 

If you need help achieving an effortless look for festival season, come in and see us at PlanB! We’d be happy to help you achieve the look you’re going for. Contact us today to book your next appointment!  

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