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Feature Barber: Meet Kimberly McArthur

Feature Barber: Meet Kimberly McArthur

Kim-Plan-b-heaquarters-kelowna-hair-stylist-staff-bio“How long have you been in the industry?”

I started doing hair 14 years ago after I graduated from MC College when it was at the old downtown location back in the day. About 5 years ago I started working at a barber shop and I got hands on training learning how to do hot shaves and clipper tattoos. I still do some ladies hair but only if it’s a short style or a hair tattoo. Mostly I focus on men’s cuts and barbering techniques. In school you learn how to do men’s cuts but barbering really helps you learn specialized techniques.

“Why did you choose to become a stylist/barber?”

I honestly never dreamed of it, I was never much of a “girly girl” – I didn’t own a pair of heels, I was a parts girl, I could change my own oil etc. But I had a job that I knew wasn’t going anywhere and one day I was talking with a friend and mentioned she was going to hair school, so I went with her. I ended loving it and getting great grades, she never ended up following through with hair but I’m grateful she gave me the idea because I never would have come up with it on my own. Now I love what I do! I’m so happy to be a part of the great team we have here at Plan B.

“What techniques do you specialize in?”

I specialize in barbering services: men’s cuts, hot shaves, and clipper tattoos. I also don’t mind doing kid’s hair, some people get nervous or annoyed but I like kids. I like to do newer fashion styles because it’s often a challenge and not something you get taught in school, like a tight fade with some great length on top (which is actually technically quite difficult). I like doing something new, fresh, maybe even a little eccentric. I couldn’t do no.2 Caesar cuts all day, that would drive me nuts.

“Describe your personal style.”

Hmmm, well I’d say I’m usually really energetic, adventurous, and I like to try new things. I remember when I got my first pair of leg warmers since the 80s (*laughs) so I’m always open to trying things again and reinventing them. My look is more of a rock chic, I like leather, sparkles, and skulls.

“Tell us about your worst personal haircut/hair day.”

Oh my god! I have the worst story… when I was 8 years old I went to the salon with my mom for a haircut. I realized I had a mullet and they weren’t really “in” any more so I wanted to grow it out. But my mom told the stylist to feather it on the sides and cut it short on top! It ended up all spikey and short! I was crying in the chair and she just kept cutting… to this day I will not cut a kid’s hair unless the parent and kid can agree. I will never do that to someone, it was so traumatizing. 20 years later and I still clearly remember it…

“If you could be any Hollywood movie character, who would it be and why?”

I struggle with this question, I honestly am not sure. I do love Madonna because she has reinvented herself so many times. She’s made huge embarrassing mistakes and overcome them, she’s been a mom, and she’s had so many looks over the years. I really respect her ability to adapt with the changes over the years/decades that go by and still be awesome.

“If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 albums with you, what would they be?”

Definitely anything ACDC, they are my favourite band. Then I’d have some Christina Aguilera because she is just so talented and beautiful in her own skin, I love her music. There’s so many it’s hard to pick just 3… I guess I’d also take anything Pitbull, because he collaborates a lot with other artists and I love that.

“If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 movies with you, what would they be?”

This might sound cheesy, but I love Titanic! It was the first movie that made me cry, and I don’t cry. I’m gonna say Burlesque with Cher & Christina Aguilera because they are such powerful women and I love the portrayal of their personalities in that movie. Lastly, the Rundown because it’s super funny, action packed, and the Rock is so hot…

“What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

That I want to talk about? Honestly I don’t really get embarrassed easily. There isn’t one thing that stands out in my mind but I do have blonde moments every once in a while… I suppose if you added up all my blonde moments into one day that would be pretty embarrassing I guess!

“We’re not trying to pick you up…but what’s your astrology sign?”

Pisces/Aries – I’m on the cusp… Pisces is sensitive and creative, while Aries is stubborn & adventurous. I’m a pretty good mix of both. I don’t really read much into astrology, I’m more moved by nature and exploring your own personal spirituality rather than being “ruled by the stars”.

“Do you have any nicknames?”

Usually people call me Kimmie, at least that’s what all my friends call me. I have 3 kids and they all call me “yo mamma”.

“What’s one product you simply cannot live without?”

I would say American Crew Forming Cream because it’s great for almost all hair types. Also I tell people it’s the smell of handsome – masculine but classy.

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