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All About Braids – Top 5 Braid Tutorials

All About Braids – Top 5 Braid Tutorials

Braided hairstyles; love the look but confused AF on how to create them? We got you! You don’t have to be an ambidextrous expert to craft the perfect plait, just start with the basics and work your way up from there! Here are our Top 5 Braid Tutorials.

How to Braid your Hair

Getting the basics down is the perfect place to start, this tutorial is super simple and easy to follow. You can also check out these:

30+ Cute and Easy Braid Tutorials

How to do a French Braid

Oui Madame this is probably one of the most popular braid styles. It’s a classic style that can be adapted into many different looks; double french braid or half up/half down, once you get the technique you can play with different varieties. Get some inspo with these:

51 Different French Braids Styles with Images

How to do a Dutch Braid

French braids and dutch braids are basically an inside out version of each other, but this slight variation does give you a different look. If you’ve mastered the french you should have no problem with the dutch after a little practice. There’s also many different ways to wear a dutch braid, have a look at these:

30 Best Dutch Braid Inspired Hairstyles

How to Do a Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid can be worn many ways, while it does lend itself well to more messy or relaxed styles you can create a polished look with this style of braid as well. Try you hand at a basic fishtail braid and then get creative with these:

11 Unique Fishtail Braid Hairstyles To Inspire You

How to Do a Waterfall Braid

With a waterfall braid you can weave a circle, horizontal or diagonal plait throughout loose hair with strands flowing through it like streams in a waterfall (hence the name). Simple, easy beautiful! If you really want a challenge though, check out these:

10 Waterfall Braid Hairstyles to Try

Just like with anything, practice makes perfect! It may take you quite a few attempts before you perfect the technique but one you do you braid styling skills will be unstoppable. Warning: your new looks may attract a lot of attention from friends so be prepared to get asked “How do you do that??” and “Can you do my hair like that?”

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