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8 Disney Princess Inspired Hair Tutorials

8 Disney Princess Inspired Hair Tutorials

Remember when you were five, and all you wished to be was a Disney Princess (or Prince)? Well, now you can, thanks to how the hair industry has advanced over the last few years. No longer are you confined to regular styles and colors, you can now embrace Disney character inspired locks every single day! So, whether you want to feel like Elsa the Ice Queen or a little more fiery like Ariel, Plan B has you covered with inspiration that could fill the entire Disney Kingdom.


Her fire engine mane is simply iconic, and you could easily emulate this little mermaid’s look by dyeing your tresses the same color. However, some of you might not be ready to dive into the deep end with a daring red, so, why not swim in the shallows by sporting this gorgeous beach hairstyle?!

We searched far down into the depths of the ocean, for this mermaid wave hair tutorial and we think that Elsie’s from A Beautiful Mess fits the criteria.



Princess Jasmine is not only notably spunky, but her hairstyle has been coveted by all sassy girls alike. Her hairstyle happens to be the perfect answer for when you want to look fierce and put together on those lazy days.

Jasmin look-a-like, Mimi Ikonn from Luxy Hair has a simply splendid tutorial for when you want to explore that Arabian night style.


Snow White

Go more classic with Snow White’s sweet style and retro pin-up flair. Her look is an excellent way to experiment with a faux bob, which we guarantee will be a show-stopping style. You’ll probably have more than seven men run up to you asking for your number after a night on the town as Snow White.

ModCloth put out a gorgeous vintage faux-bob tutorial circa 2013 that we still deem to the perfect hairstyle to emulate this proper princess.



Entering the modern princess world, we have Rapunzel to thank for all of our hair envy. Seriously, whoever can upkeep 70 ft. of hair is someone to look up to. However, if you’re tired of the classic flower braid tutorial that you see in every Disney inspired hair post EVER, then look no further than this Rapunzel inspired half-updo that we’ve picked out.

Hair blogger Kassinka created a stunning tutorial that is definitely worthy of our favorite German princess.


Elsa and Anna

Alright, now that we’ve deprived you of Rapunzel’s classic braid, we are making up for it with two tutorials inspired by the Frozen Sisters themselves, Elsa and Anna. These frosty gals deserve nothing but the best hair tutorials to wow their entire kingdom of Arendale.

This unique french braid twist tutorial from MOPS Hair Designers and these cute Dutch pigtails by Amber Fillerup are ideal when capturing the Frozen sister’s famous hairstyles.



Get in touch with the colors of the wind thanks to Pocahontas’s tribal tresses. Her hairstyle is a great one to mimic when attending festivals this summer. Don’t be afraid to add in feathers and beads to really complete this indigenous princess’s look.

DIY queen Elisa McLaughlin teaches you how to make feather extensions that would be the perfect accessory to Pocahontas’s jet black locks.



Travel with us to Scotland, if you’re feeling really brave, and try out Merida’s hairstyle for a wild and carefree look! This Disney Princess has beautiful coil curls that are a little difficult to recreate, but if you have the time and patience, we know it will be worthwhile.

Thankfully, Disney’s Babble has their own tutorial for Merida’s hair, so, you’re getting the authentic look straight from the source.



What do you think? Feeling inspired enough to book a flight off to Disney World yet? If you are, why not schedule an appointment with Plan B first and get your perfect Disney inspired color before you jet off to the magical kingdom. Also, let us know in the comments below or on Facebook if you enjoyed this post and we might just do a follow up with all the characters that we missed.

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